About me

The desire to see my emotions coming to life. The chance of catching instants and replicate them through colours, lines, forms and figures expanding them into infinity. An inner evolution that brought me to approach new photographic techniques on field, the beginning of my personal journey into photography, into the world and into my inner self: this is India.

After studying Communication at the University of Padova and working in the communication field, I strongly felt the need to put together what I had learnt in school and in my job experience to create something different, something more artistic and emotional. When I realised, thanks to photography, the power of communication of a single shot, I found at last how to express myself.



Pangea Bookshop – Padova (Italy)
15 february – 09 march 2019

Pangea Bookshop – Padova (Italy)
22 september – 21 october 2018

Trieste Airport (Italy)
23 august – 15 september 2018

Mira on Air Music Festival – Mira (Italy)
18 – 22 july 2018

Belvedere Villa – Mirano (Italy)
7 – 15 july 2018

Horteria – Mirano (Italy)
11 june – 5 july 2018